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Family Solutions Services, Inc. provides children, families, and individuals with exceptional counseling and skill building services.
Our goal is to strengthen and ensure long-term stability within the individual and the family.

Outpatient Therapy
and Counseling Services

Qualified mental health professionals provide outpatient therapy and counseling to children and their families seeking to resolve problems in living such as: parenting concerns, marital and family distress, marriage/partnership counseling, grief, depression, financial budgeting difficulties, alcohol and drug related problems and trauma. Family Solutions Services also accepts many EAP referrals.

Behavioral Health
Intervention Services

These services include: skill building interventions that will assist the child with behaviors and symptoms associated with a mental health diagnosis. BHIS services include: Individual and/or Family Health and Behavioral Intervention services, as well as Crisis Intervention Services. The identified child is required to have Title 19 to pay for these services.

Child Mental Health
Waiver Services

Individualized supports to children that have severe mental and/or emotional health problems. These services are authorized by case managers for the Department of Human Services. These services are provided in the child’s home and in the child’s community. Services include: In-Home Family Therapy and Family and Community Supports Services.